House Rules for Jali Centre B & B

  • Arrival between 15:00 (3 pm) to 20:00 (8 pm).
  • Departure is not later than 11.00 am
  • The key must be left in the door on departure.
  • Keep loud noise to a minimum especially after 22:00 (10 pm). The outer door should always be locked – day and night.
  • Night light is installed. Any other light must be turned off at night.
  • Turn on the hood when cooking.
  • The kitchen must be cleaned up after every use.
  • Living room + kitchen must be kept clean and tidy every day.
  • Doors to the heated rooms must be kept closed.
  • Outer door to the laundry room must be kept closed.
  • Do not use the radiator to dry clothes.
  • Turn off the radiator whenever a window is open.
  • Smoking is allowed in the living room, and in the smoking room in the basement.
  • Smoking is NOT allowed in the bedrooms.

Translated by Lajla Borg Jensen

  • Posted on 21. October 2016
  • Written by Jali Centret
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